3 Reasons Sitting Is Killing Your Health…

dangers sitting too long

Sitting may seem harmless to the average Joe, but it’s one of the biggest dangers to your health…

…and the troubling thing is that even if you are a gym rat or marathon runner, if you spend time sitting at work all day long, you still may suffer the consequences.

A 2008 study at Vanderbilt University estimated that the average American spends over 7.5 hours a day being sedentary. That’s over 2,700 hours a year!

Sitting all day long can leads to weakness, shortening and tightness in your psoas muscle… and that could be detrimental to many facets of your health.

The Top Three Ways Sitting With A Tight Psoas Is Killing Your Health:

Bulging Belly Syndrome – Do you have low body fat and work on your abs at the gym nonstop? Believe it or not, many believe that having a bulging belly is because of weak abdominal muscles, but that’s not the case at all. Having a tight psoas can cause your lower back to push your stomach forward.

Fat Loss Inhibitor – Your psoas is known as the “fight or flight” muscle and is connected to our natural survival instinct. When it’s tight, it signals to your body that you’re in constant danger. This can cause adrenal gland disorders, which can cause your body to switch into fat storing mode, due to the anticipation of danger. Not only that, it can affect your sleep, which leads you to constantly ask yourself, “Why am I so tired all the time ?”

Lack of Sexual Performance – Look we’ve all been there. Sometimes you’re tired or just not in the mood. But sometimes when the moment comes, it just won’t cooperate. When you sit all day long, it causes your hips to be suck in a forward thrust position. When it forward thrust, it decreases blood flow and circulation through the hips and to where that blood is really needed. So quit looking for libido enhancers and loosen that psoas!

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