Top 3 Stretches To Open Up Your Tight Hip Flexors

Tight hips are a problem that many face on a daily basis. It doesn’t matter if you’re young or old…

…and these tight hips can lead to a change in posture, increase in back pain, knee pain and a bunch of other injuries.

And while some of these ailments are minor… you probably want to eliminate them because let’s face it, they’re 100% unnecessary!

Try These 3 Simple Hip Flexor Stretches That Will Help Open Up Your Hips

#1 Lunge Stretch – Take a big lunge step forward and try to open up that hip and open up that back hip. Try and stretch as far as you are able to. If it’s too tight, don’t stretch it any farther.

When you do this, start off with 20 seconds hold, twice on each side. You are going to alternate it back and forth.

#2 Pigeon Pose – Stick your left leg out forward and rotate it to the middle, so your bottom of your foot is facing to the right and lean forward a little. You should feel a light stretch, just like on the previous stretch.

Try holding it for 20 seconds and doing twice on with each leg, alternating legs each time.

#3 Knee Openers – Sit on the floor and bring the bottoms of your feet together with your knees in the air. Then try and open up your knees by bringing your knees to the ground and you should feel a stretch in your hip area.

Do two sets and hold it for 20 seconds.

Give those three stretches a try and tell hip pain goodbye. You should feel a difference over the next few days.

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